Begoths 30cm, Presentación de la Serie 6

Estarán disponibles a partir del próximo mes de mayo, pero se pueden hacer reservas en abril desde su web, pero aún no lo han comunicado en el newsletter. Si eres asiduo a estas mécas sabrás que cada serie es anual y consta de cinco de ellas, ¡pero este año son seis! Se lanzarán tres en mayo y las otras tres en septiembre :D.
Aquí os dejo la información del newsletter y las imágenes de ellas ^^.

Introducing The 12" Spring Release Of Series 6 Begoths Dolls
They will be available late May 2007 and available for pre-order in April. Don't worry, I will let you know in a Newsletter and on our website when you can pre-order them! I know you are use to us releasing 5 styles at one time but this year we are going to give you SIX!! As I already told you, these three girls will be released in late May 2007 and the other three will be released in September 2007. Now for the introductions!

Meet the sexy Slayer Storm

Full Name: Storm O’ Misery

Pets: Paragon Falcon named Gabriel

Favorite Color: Black, Black Noir, Midnight black (all shades of black)

Likes: Pump Organs, Ultra Violet Light, Latin, Sicilian Food (for it’s garlic content) the cold side of the pillow, Junior Mints, sunrise, eyeshine (for hunting in the dark), Holy Water, crosses, wooden stakes and “The Birthday Party”.

Dislikes: Sharing Drinks, Strix, M*A*S*H, leeches, blood breath and Vlad the Impaler.

Now let's meet the beautiful Pandora

Full Name: Pandora

Pets: Pomeranian named Coco

Favorite Colors: Purple

Likes: Skipping rocks, The Ditty Bops, Flip flops (secretly) moonstone friendship rings, Lucien Vogel, Fashion Week, “Project Runway” Chanson, Kabutomushi, smart accessories, “Zoolander,” Art Deco, big sunglasses, “Purple Rain”, Richard Avedon, menthol flavored Halls and the Pantages Theatre.

Dislikes: Juju Fruits, Vogue Magazine, acid wash jeans, penny loafers and plaid.

The Intoxicating Penelope

Full Name: Penelope Fabrique

Pets: Deskunked Skunk named Chanel

Favorite Colors: Black Tar and Cherry Red

Likes: Fog at dusk, Vivien Westwood, E.C Star Clothing, Charles Frederic Worth, White Rose Movement, Melrose (window shopping) , Singer Sewing Machines, Bar Sinister, playing solitaire, Pirate Mod, “The Bucaniers of America” grape flavored lip gloss, Sweet Romance Jewelry , Vogue Magazine and designer eye patches.

Dislikes: Leg warmers, spicy mustard, menthol flavored Halls, paisley and pink spandex.

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