Ayumi Hamasaki ~ Pride

Otra canción de esas que conoces de hace tiempo, pero que cuando comprendes la letra te gusta más aún, sobretodo si coincide con lo que piensas ^^

~ Pride ~

"The freedom you have is so amazing", Said a girl
"Even if I can't find the meaning of my existence?", I answered

I suppose man is a creature
Who is always asking for things he doesn't have...
Ah, what is it that we truly want to have?

And then the girl just struggled and struggled;
And when she noticed she was filled with emptiness
She had a news understanding...

We always open the window to tomorrow
By dreaming
Even if we know that nothing is certain in this world...

Flowers are waiting for us
In a place we haven't yet seen
Before we are used to being bored
And our time passes quickly

Even if it is the end of the world
Even if people say with laughter
That we are trying in vain
Let's go together

Because nothing is so dreadful as giving up.

2 comentarios:

  1. No la conocía... es muy bonita!
    Un beso Veroo!

  2. http://lifeayumihamasaki.blogspot.com/ ya te afilio vale! saludos


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